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How We Work

We help financially overburdened consumers resolve the problems that arise out of high debt balances.

Once you fill the Client Information Form in our website, you will receive a reply email with the link to fill up the detailed form. Upon establishing our first contact with you, we will forward to you our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This document summarizes how we go about assisting you.
With submitting your details to provide us with an overview of your current financial situation, our debt consultants will evaluate your details.

Following application submission you will be contacted by our coordinator to arrange an appointment with our team of expert Debt Consultants who will listen your choices and tailor your debt-relief program to fit your unique financial situation.

Additional support is also available through one of our Debt Management Programs.
To find out more about how we can help you please contact us to fix a consultancy session.

DDS is strongly supported by a highly experienced team

If you’re committed to taking financial control of your life, Dubai Debt Solutions is here to help. We provide complete result oriented efforts and so far have helped much Business to grow in U.A.E. We service both corporate and individual needs small, medium or large, and provide solutions of their financial burden by proposing them suitable and economical ways to manage their liabilities within their limited available income or returns. We can service our client’s needs quickly, efficiently and effectively.

With DDS at your side, you will:

  • Increase your financial knowledg
  • Create a personal action plan for success
  • Take control of your debt


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